DBBC - Young Adults
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Our Ministry Philosophy:

​Christian young adults today face daunting pressure to follow the world's philosophy.  Biblical standards have been scoffed at as old fashioned and irrelevant, especially in our entertainment media.  Success in life is often measured in dollar figures, position, or freedom from any form of tradition or religiosity.  Commitment seems to depend more on "What do I get out of it?" instead of "It's the right thing to do!"  Thankfully there are those who are saying - "No, I don't want to be conformed to the world, I want to be transformed by Christ!

One of our goals is to show the relevance and sufficiency of God's timeless truth in today's life - regardless of one's age.​

​A second goal is to provide opportunities to fellowship​ together for encouragement, friendship, and just plain fun!

​A third goal is to provide a place where our young adults can be comfortable to question, discuss, search the Scriptures and grow in Christ!​

​​So where do you stand? Who do you follow?
​Come and explore God's ways with us!
Check the Calendar and Face Book page for our Young Adult Gatherings. Unless otherwise noted they are usually on a Saturday night around 7:30 @ the Parsonage once a month.