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Our History

D R E S S E R V I L L E   B I B L E   B A P T I S T   C H U R C H


What we know now to be our church actually began with Bible Clubs in a one-room schoolhouse on Atwood Road. In 1948, Pastor and Mrs. Randy Caldwell presented the Bible in such way that the building was soon packed. Mrs. Anna Eaton then arranged to use the empty building on Crofoot Road - the site of our present facility. People were hungry for the gospel and the Caldwells soon endeared themselves to the community. For twenty years they endured for the cause of Christ and saw a handful of believers turn into a full functioning church.

As numbers grew, it became necessary to excavate the basement beneath the auditorium for classrooms. This project was done by hand. Indoor bathrooms were also installed at this time. As the church continued to grow under the discipleship of the Caldwells, plans were made to build a new auditorium. Renovations were made under the watchful eye of our master craftsman, Steve Eaton. The new building was dedicated in 1970.

The Caldwells left in 1969 and Pastor and Mrs. Craig Golden were called to fill the pastorate. Their guidance and organization was greatly needed and much was learned from them. In 1971, the church bought a home to use as a parsonage.

The Goldens left in 1973 and six months later Pastor and Mrs. Edgar Beckly were led to our church. Pastor Beckly spent much time in prayer and Bible study and his gentleness and compassion bonded the congregation to him.

Pastor and Mrs. Walter VanDusen came in 1975 and our church grew to 57 active members. In 1978, Pastor and Mrs. Glick arrived. They had lots of energy and Pastor Glick was often up early visiting the farmers during chore time. They were a happy, vivacious couple and we enjoyed a lively, moving church under their leadership.

By 1984, Pastor Glick was ready to retire and Pastor and Mrs. Steve Cranston came to Dresserville. Pastor Steve was a warm, friendly man who was easily loved. Sunday services reached an attendance level in the 90's and a kitchen was added to the church building. After about six years, the Cranstons were called to another work.

The church then extended a call to Pastor and Mrs. Jim Kelly. The Kelly's were a busy couple keeping up with a pre-schooler and three grown children as well as a busy church. Under the carpentry skills of Pastor Kelly, the parsonage acquired some much needed remodeling. The church thrived under the ministry of Pastor and Mrs. Kelly.


The church has grown and developed with each Pastor and family that has come, and the focus of the ministry remains to present the gospel of Christ to our community and to disciple the church family.

In October of 2008, the church called Pastor Tom and Mrs. Apphia Rofe and their family to come to Dresserville. Currently, the ministry can be described as worshiping God together, preaching and teaching the Word of God, challenging people to pray and search the Scriptures daily, encouraging and helping each other reach out to the lost, and strengthening our individuals and families in the Lord through fellowship, accountability and sound, biblical teaching.We welcome the opportunity to be of help and encouragement to you through our church family and ministry.