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Our Missionaries

Acts 1:8 "...and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

Our Missionaries in the USA

Blood's - Alaska - Baptist Mid missions

Taylor's - Hispanic Ministries - Baptist Church Planters 

Murphy's - Appalachian Bible college - West Virginia

Woods - Youth Ministries - Baptist Church Planters

Hartmans - to jews in NYC & Israel - Shalom Ministries

Rofe's -New Life Island

TANNERS - Syracuse University - Campus bible Fellowship

Our Missionaries around the World

Bibles International

Restricted Access Missions

Beckley's - West Africa , Benin - Faith Baptist Mission

Comings - Sao Luis, Brazil - Baptist Mid Missions

Simon's - India, Kerala - PIEI

serve in Juneau, Alaska through Baptist Mid Missions.

Dean is a second generation church planter having been raised by his missionary parents in Alaska. As a young man he pursued working in the fishing industry in order to make money until God got a hold of his heart. Since then, he has dedicated himself to church planting. His heart is for native and nonnative peoples alike.

One unique ministry they have in Juneau, which is located on the coast at the base of the mountains, is to evangelize the fishing community through a boat that was given to the Mission.

You can reach them at:

Dean and Julie Blood...
Chip & Karen Wood...

serve with Baptist Church Planters where Chip is the director of their Youth Ministries.

Chip and Karen use their experience in local church and Bible Camp ministry to help with writing and developing teaching material to help local churches minister to kids.  They put out Joy Club material for younger kids and for the older kids they produce "Teen Expeditions".  Chip is also involved with travelling to churches and doing Teacher training for those involved in any teaching capacity in their church.



Hispanic Ministries

The Taylors have 30 years of ministry experience in the pastorate and evangelism.
After ministering to Hispanics in their former pastorate, the Taylors joined BCP in September of 2009.
In March 2011, Herb became the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries of Baptist Church Planters.

2021 - Herb & Wanda retired from BCP and continue to serve in Hispanic Ministries through their sending church.

Web: www.herbandwanda.comFacebook: Taylor Ministries

Herb and  Wanda Taylor...
Dale and Colleen Murphy...

Dale and Colleen Murphy serve at Appalachian Bible College. In addition to the work they do (Dale as head of maintenance & Colleen as office help), they mentor individual collegians each semester.  They pray with them, do Bible studies, eat with them in the cafeteria, and also have them in their home.


serve with Baptist Mid-Missions in Sao Luis, Brazil.

They are church planters in the city of Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil. Besides holding regular services and conducting community outreach in their local community, they also are involved in developing land for a camp ministry, are conducting various bible studies, involved in community activities such as Boy Scouts, and even doing some writing on the side...see The Astonishing Adventures of Missionary Max...





Andrew and Itacyara Comings...

serve with Faith Baptist Mission in Benin, West Africa.
They serve the Lord through church planting, Bible translation, occasional teaching, and various community outreach endeavors. They are sent out by Bethel Baptist Church in Vestal, New York. If you are interested in their ministry, you can contact them by email at

Ken and Sarah Ann Beckley...

serve with Independent Gospel Churches in Changanacherry, Kerala, India.
Their stateside partnering ministry is:
Partners In Evangelism International
(hold on "Asia" then click "India")

Shibu is involved in church planting, teaching in a Seminary, running a Christian School and various outreach opportunities.




Shibu and Julie Simon...
Shaju and Julie Simon...

serve with Independent Gospel Churches in Changanacherry, Kerala, India.
Their stateside partnering ministry is:
Partners In Evangelism International
(hold on "Asia" then click "India")

Shaju, like his brother Shibu, is involved in church planting, teaching in a Seminary, running a Christian School and various outreach opportunities.  Shaju is the president of Kerala Baptist Bible College.

You can contact them at:


Craig and Lauri Hartman...

serve with Shalom Ministries.  Craig and Lauri as well as their son Grant and his wife Ardis serve with Shalom ministries which is committed to helping believers and churches improve their witness to Jewish people.  Craig and Lauri live in New York City and are involved in a church plant there, while Grant and Ardis live in Israel.  


Jordan and Esther Rofe...

serve at New Life Island. New Life Island is a baptist youth camp on the Delaware River. During the summer, Jordan is the program assistant and Esther does the videos and photography. When summer camp is over they help year round with groups, retreats, recruiting staff, visiting churches, maintenance and improvements for the camp. 


Tim and Beth Tanner

Tim and Beth, and their kids Timmy and Olivia, serve with Campus Bible Fellowship at Syracuse University. Their sending church is First Baptist of Elyria, Ohio. Sharing the gospel, leading Bible studies, and praying with students are a big part of their ministry. They are hoping to have contacts in some of the other colleges in Syracuse as well.