Dean and Julie Blood
​serve in Juneau, Alaska through Baptist Mid Missions.

​Dean is a second generation church planter having been raised by his missionary parents in Alaska. As a young man he pursued working in the fishing industry in order to make money until God got a hold of his heart. Since then, he has dedicated himself to church planting. His heart is for native and nonnative peoples alike.
​ One unique ministry they have in Juneau, which is located on the coast at the base of the mountains, is to evangelize the island fishing communities through a boat that was given to them.
​ ​You can reach them at:
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Martin and Lucille Eaton
​ serve with Baptist Church Planters.

​Martin serves as a builder with much general contracting experience as well as some Pastoring experience.  He helps head up and/or assist the missionary teams on a particular work-site.  
​Martin and Lucille have a heart for local church ministry and get involved in helping the particular ministry they are working at whenever possible.

You can contact them at:
Dale and Colleen Murphy
​are also church builders with Baptist Church Planters

​​ They often work on projects alongside the Eatons. They are from Preble, NY and answered the call to full-time Christian service after working as a plumber for many years.
Dale, Colleen, Nolan, and Eileen​ all love to get involved with the local church they are currently building with and do so in many different areas.  It is fun to see what "new thing" someone in the family is helping with.
(Nolan currently attends Appalachian Bible College)​

You can reach them at:​

Herb and Wanda Taylor
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator of Baptist Church Planters

The Taylors have 30 years of ministry experience in the pastorate and evangelism.
​After ministering to Hispanics in their former pastorate, the Taylors joined BCP in September of 2009.
​In March 2011, Herb became the Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries of Baptist Church Planters.

​Contact information:
​ Email:
​Facebook: Taylor Ministries