Pastor Tom Rofe and his wife Apphia
Most of the family on a vacation trip back to Maine!   (2013)
Left to Right: Jordan, Beth, Nick, Apphy, Beka, Aph, Tom​
All of the family in Texas for our oldest son, Ben's, graduation from Air Force Pilot Training.   (6/14)

​Ben, his wife Kristin and their daughter Clara are in the center.
Having a little fun at a barn-wedding reception for a couple in our church.
                             Pastor Tom
         ​The Phases of God's work in my life:

Phase 1:  Beginnings
​I was raised in a Christian home just outside of Preble, NY.  My parents were faithful members of Otisco Valley Baptist Church where I was saved in Sunday School around the age of 8 and baptized at 10. The church eventually moved and became Calvary Baptist Church of Preble​.

Phase 2:  Direction
​​Through the faithful ministry of Pastor Merle Brown, I grew in the Lord and eventually went off to Bible College at BBC in Clarks Summit, PA to become a Christian School teacher.  

Phase 3​:  Education & Family
​The Lord brought Apphia and I together at college and we married in 1987.  Apphia is from a Pastor's home (Henry & Elizabeth Prause) and has been such a blessing in her spiritual maturity and love for her family. In 1988 we moved back to Preble, served as Youth Leaders for 10 years, and both taught at Cortland Christian Academy; Aph for 2 yrs. and I for 5.  Though thoroughly enjoying teaching at CCA, we had started a family and needed a higher income in order for Aph to stay home with our children. 

Phase 4​:  Uncertainty
​So in 1993 I went to work at Social Services not knowing what to expect.  Not only was the atmosphere much different, but I found myself​ battling generational welfare, working with teens whose parents (or they themselves) seemed to not care, and really wondering what God was doing in my life.  After about 2 years, I turned my future over to the Lord, stopped fretting, and began to work harder at having a good testimony for Him there at DSS.  

Phase 5:  Willingness
​​Soon God began to give me "un-requested" :-) opportunities to fill the pulpit. After 3 more years, and much encouragement from my Pastor and others - I accepted God's call as a Pastor.  First Baptist Church of Harrington, Maine graciously called this rookie Preacher and we spent 10 wonderful years with that precious church family.  

Phase 6:  ​Obedience
God moved us back to central NY- to Dresserville Bible Baptist Church (just 25 miles from home), where we have served for the last 6 years.  Aph is once again teaching at CCA; 3 of our 6 kids have graduated from there and the last 2 are students.  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and serving side by side with this congregation. This church has been a wonderful church family to us and by His Grace - we will continue to grow and serve together here in this beautiful place called Dresserville!​  In the heart of dairy farming!
Grandparenting is Great  :-)